DPL elections strike back

So ... here we go, it's DPL election time again, and I'm a candidate.

After a few long days of suspense with me as the only candidate, we are now 4 candidates. I was not particularly happy of the scenario of being the only candidate: it would have given (both to the world and to DDs) an unjustified impression of disinterest towards the position, and would have also made quite pointless to discuss topics of Debian "politics" (« so, NOTA, what do you think of time-based freezes? »). With 4 candidates, campaigning is now much more useful, interesting, and challenging, as the archives of -vote already show.

As last year, I've setup a page documenting my attempt, which includes an index of questions posed to the candidates on -vote. (To maintain the index, it helps quite a lot to maintain one-subject-per-question. Hint, hint.)

Good luck to all candidates!
... and don't forget the DPL campaigning law! (with credits to Rhonda)

in bocca al lupo!

Ma guarda un pò chi è spuntato fuori sui miei feed? Non sapevo fossi candidato a DPL, ti faccio un super in bocca al lupo! :-)

fede (cenacchi) from Bologna

Comment by fede Thu 18 Mar 2010 03:39:07 PM CET
re: in bocca al lupo

eh? ... i casi della vita :-)

Crepi il lupo!

Comment by zack Thu 18 Mar 2010 06:39:35 PM CET