OCaml Batteries Included 1.1.0 has arrived in Debian

I've just uploaded the Debian package of OCaml Batteries Included 1.1.0 to the Debian unstable archive; hopefully, it will quickly enter testing to be released with the next Debian stable release. This is the first release in Debian of the "new generation" of Batteries Included, which has followed a strict diet, and now has Camomile as its only external dependency.

It took me a while to package it due to an intertwining transition to OCaml 3.11.2 (during which we have fleshed out the last remaining few bits of transition to our new dependency system). Also, I had to fix some typical build issue with upstream, which kindly coordinated with me to have the fixes included in 1.1.0.

So go, enjoy Batteries 1.1.0, and let me know your feedback:

    # apt-get install ocaml-batteries-included

(check that it will install 1.1.0 though, it might take a few days to hit your favorite architecture and mirror)

Tip: starting from this version you will need the following to use Batteries in place of the legacy standard library in your sources:

    open Batteries_uni

for multi-threaded programs you should rather use open Batteries. Check the FAQ file installed under /usr/share/doc/libbatteries-ocaml-dev/ for more quick start information.