RCBW - #26

RC bug count: 666

It is getting down, even though the current number is scary. My personal RC bug count is not so mystical and as low as 205 RC bugs to go, which is quite encouraging. Without any further ado, here are this week squashes:

Random points:

  • I've exploited quite a bit my (now ex) NM Obey Arthur Liu: 3 of the above squashes come from him. I've been tempted to put Arthur on hold just to have him fix some more RC bugs g (just kidding, of course)
  • It has been observed that *cheering up Gregor8 produces beneficial effects on the RC bug count, so why not doing it again? :-)
  • Last week I forgot to mention Rhonda's regular stable RC squashing, and in particular the "below 1000" milestone. Cheers!