lots of votes!

In principle, I just meant to blog saying that I've really enjoyed campaigning this year: thanks to the other candidates and to all the people who asked questions. (... and kudos to a couple of who-know-who-you-are-persons which have managed to ask very inflammable questions with a lot of tact) But given that a blog post that way would have been too empty for my standards, here are a couple of extra random remarks:

  1. I believe that the campaigning summary on my DPL 2010 page is now complete

  2. One week into the voting period, we seem to have quite more votes than last year: we've just passed the 200 ballot thresholds, whereas last year the very same threshold got passed only after the second call for votes (which corresponds to steep increases in most Debian votes). Considering that the number of potential voters is lower this year (i.e. a bit more than 1'000 vs a bit less than 900), this might well be the first year after a while, in which the percentage of voters increases (which I consider to be a good indicator of interest, no matter what).