A couple of months ago, Steve McIntyre introduced the notion of Developer Certification. In essence, if you are (or have been) a Debian Developer, you can ask for a certificate of that status of yours; that might be useful in case you need to "prove" it to anyone (more precisely: to anyone who would care about / believe in a certificate ...).

Some people has asked me to provide such certificates and at the n-th iteration I took the chance to streamline a bit the process (yes, I'm lazy). In case you're interested, please check the DDCertificate wiki page and follow the instructions there.
While you are at it, join me in thanking Agnieszka Cicha-Cisek and Patryk Cisek, as they have prepared the LaTeX template.

Some other people were interested in being certified, but missed the announcement, so I'm blogging about it mainly to spread the news. Paul Wise has already submitted a request for proper documentation of this possibility.

We currently don't have a template for Debian Maintainers, but it should be straightforward to add: patches are welcome!

Thank you for doing this, but... I wounder if someone should apply to work in a company that isn't capable of looking up your DD or DM status at debian.org.
Comment by Thomas Koch Mon 21 Jun 2010 09:31:51 PM CEST

Great work bringing this to completion!

This does help when working in large non-free enterprises (for money or to make them more freedom loving) and when communicating with non-IT companies that might not even have heard much about Debian and its organisational structure. For sure the questions like 'So what does it mean, that you are a DD? Is it that hard to become one?' come up rather often and this certification will help at least some DDs to better communicate their status to people that might find it hard to understand otherwise. And that is particularly important when they are stakeholders.

Comment by Aigars Mahinovs Tue 22 Jun 2010 01:32:05 AM CEST