Recipe for RCBC - Release Critical Bug squashing Contest:

squash RC bugs for 2 weeks , from July 25th to August 7th
help the release of Debian Squeeze
earn fame and glory (for sure)
win a GuruPlug and other geeky gadgets (maybe)
read on for more info ...

It has been a while since my last post in the RCBW tradition. Luckily, the tradition is in very good health of its own, thanks to many others that have picked up the habit of SPAM-ing planet with good news for Debian, encouraging others to do the same.

With all that RC-obsessed people around and with the Squeeze release forthcoming, can DebConf10 be devoid of geeky RC-squashing activities? Of course not! Thanks to the orga team we expect the conference to contain a 2-week long RC bug squashing pride with tutorials, BoFs, a permanent bug squashing party, ... and a contest!

I won't indulge much on the contest as the wiki page contains all rules and gory details. Obviously, all usual rules and best practices of bug squashing parties will apply; coordination will happen on #debian-bugs.

Get involved, it starts today, and it's open to everyone (DebConf10 attendees as well as Debian enthusiasts abroad, regular RC squashers as well as casual bystanders, etc).

All this wouldn't have been possible without the help of many people that love Debian, so many thanks to:

  • the sponsors of RCBC:
    • Marvell, for offering a GuruPlug
      (of course, the winner of this device is expected to help with Debian support for it *g*)
    • HP, for offering t-shirts
    • Pearson, for offering books
  • micah - who dragged me into this (it hasn't been hard)
  • gregoa and mehdi - the almighty judges - who have been transitively dragged into this (it hasn't been hard either)

PS a corresponding announcement is in the debconf-announce pipeline already