This Week In Debian

I've been contacted by Jonathan Nadeau of Frostbite Systems, a company selling computer hardware with pre-installed GNU/Linux distros, including Debian (of course!). (Usual disclaimer applies: I haven't tried their products, I've just skimmed through their website ...) Both for promotion and as a service to the communities, Jonathan has started various podcasts, such as This Week in Fedora.

Jonathan has contacted me to check whether Debian is interested in having a This Week in Debian podcast, which will be discussing weekly Debian-related topics, interviewing at each episode someone from the community.

So, folks, are you interested in seeing that happen?
Personally I like the idea, as I'm myself an eager podcast listener and I've always missed something Debian-specific.

To make it a reality however we need to plan and record some episode in advance, to ensure the podcast will have enough "buffer" to start. That's why I've created the ThisWeekInDebian wiki page, where interested people should drop a line, proposing a topic and volunteering to speak about it. Any Debian-related topic is a good candidate: a team, an initiative, a general discussion about a relevant project aspect, etc. You don't even need any particular upfront preparation, as it'll be interview-like. So, what are you waiting for? Drop a line to the wiki page.

Jonathan will attend DebConf10 so, in case you are attending, that can be a nice occasion to record some episode in person (otherwise recordings usually happen over the net).

I'd actually prefer a "This Week in Debian" post on the planet instead. I'm just not into podcasts. I understand time-shifting but without links, images/graphs, tables, and other ways to present useful data, I don't see podcasts being very useful. I suppose a quick rundown might be nice, but I'd still prefer to be able to follow a link to a post discussing the feature in depth.

So if anything, please provide a planet post for "This Week in Debian" and make the podcast a basic outline of that.


Comment by Bill Johnson Thu 22 Jul 2010 06:28:16 PM CEST

So, essentially, you don't like podcast in general; I'm hence not surprised you are not for a Debian podcast :-)

Luckily however, what you need already exists, it's called Debian Project News and can be found at Enjoy!

Comment by zack Thu 22 Jul 2010 06:38:51 PM CEST
Which brings up an other topic: Should the DPN be aggregated on as well?
Comment by Tolimar Fri 23 Jul 2010 03:08:11 PM CEST

Which brings up an other topic: Should the DPN be aggregated on as well?

I personally think it should be, although the current RSS feed is sub-optimal for that, as it contains one entry for each sub-item of a single issue. That would kind of "flood" Planet in term of number of entries. Similarly, a single RSS item will be way too long for those who read Planet on the web.

The best compromise would probably be having an RSS feed which contain 1 item per DPN issue, and having that item be an outline of the issue. (In fact, I wouldn't mind replacing all together the current DPN feed with such kind of feed.)

Yes, I know, someone should volunteer to implement that :-)

Comment by zack Sat 24 Jul 2010 12:49:14 PM CEST

Podcasts can consist of more than a single audio file (mp3/ogg).

A superb example of a tech podcast done right is Steve Gibson's Security Now podcast. With every episode, they have 2 different audio files, text/html/PDF transcripts that contain links to things mentioned in the audio file.

I would definitely follow his example.

Comment by Timothy Jones Mon 26 Jul 2010 06:42:23 PM CEST