Dear Debian, today you turn 17 ...

... happy birthday!

I've already argued how you're in very good health now that you're close to the major age and how unique and important you are for the whole ecosystem of free software. So, no, I won't insist on that here.

Still, today sounds like a good day to say thank you, Debian for being here promoting software freedom and showing to the world that all this can be done do-ocratically, democratically, relying on volunteer work and donations.

If you too think Debian deserves being thanked for what it is giving to the world, just say “thank you, Debian”.

My first (meta) thank you messages go to Marga, Maxy, Valessio, Raphael, Ana, and Rhonda for ideating and spreading the 1st Debian Appreciation Day ever.

Update: fix 404 Penta b0rkage in the slides link