BSP Paris 2010, during mini-DebConf

The first mini-DebConf in Paris, France is just a few weeks away and about 150 persons have signed up as attendees (wow!). The days of the conference (October 30th-31st, 2010) will most likely see the Debian Squeeze release in its deepest possible freeze, fighting with the very very very few remaining RC bugs (right? … right!).

What's the most useful thing that a crowd of Debian hackers can do that close to a release?
A Bug Squashing Party, of course! Therefore please welcome:

BSP Paris 2010
to be run during Paris mini-DebConf

We now need to arrange a room for the BSP, in parallel with the talk rooms of the conference. Hence please sign-up on the wiki page if you plan to attend the BSP. Please do so even if you're already signed up as a conference attendee, as the rooms will be different.

Mehdi Dogguy
Stefano Zacchiroli