does it?

You might have read elsewhere that Debian has squeezed out Chromium. As of today, Debian has also squeezed Chromium back in. Does that mean that Debian Developers change their mind too often? Surely not. Rather, it means that the noise around the "squeeze out" has been a bit exaggerated and it would be similarly exaggerated to make noise about the "squeeze in" now.

To avoid being incoherent with the latter intention, let me move to my main point here. As I've commented yesterday:

The lesson to learn here is that, as long as Squeeze (or any other Debian suite, FWIW) is not released, there is still a margin of variability in the software it contains. If that margin weren't there, then the suite would have been released in the first place. The point of a freeze, in Debian, is to stop package acceptance in the suite by default and undergo a thorough scrutiny of what goes in and what gets out.

Such a scrutiny helps stabilize a release fixing RC bugs affecting it and improves Debian quality. You really need to thank the Release Team for such a thorough scrutiny work.

In "exchange" for that, you might also want to take part in the Debian gift economy by help fixing RC bugs: do NMU if you are a DD, provide patches if you are a developer, help triaging bugs if you are a user, organize a Bug Squashing Party if you have organization skills, etc. Those are the activities that will boost the Squeeze release.