so long and thanks for all the fish, dear old F2C423BC

It was about time. Last bits from keyring-maint finally convinced me to move away from my old 1024 DSA to a new 4096 RSA GPG key. I know it's bloated, but given that I expect the life time of the new (master) key to be ≥ 10 years, I saw no reason to switch to any weaker key.

I'm lucky enough to live in a DD-crowded area and I've henceforth already collected some signatures ... but I need waaaay more signatures before even daring to think about asking for a replacement in the Debian keyring. So ....

... here's my transition document (shamelessly inspired from Russ' excellent text). If you have signed my old key, you should have a fairly straightforward trust path to my new key. If that is compatible with your signing policy, please sign my new key.

Having been there, here are a couple of excellent recommended readings for doing the transition yourself: