saluting the cross-distro app installer meeting

I just want to wish luck to the cross-distribution meeting on applications installers, which is starting today. For some background, check out Vincent's nice blog post on the subject.

As far as my memory goes, this is one of the first attempts—if not the first one—to get representative of as many distros as possible around the same table to design, hack, and discuss a common topic of interest. We don't know yet how it will turn out, but the approach to the meeting has been a commendable one: aim at as much diversity as possible (first gathering people informally to get some ballpark dates, then with an announcement sent to the most appropriate place), be transparent about the organization, and engage in keeping others informed ex post. As they say here in France, «chapeau» for this attempt at factual cross-distro collaboration.

Debian is present at the meeting, represented by Enrico Zini and David Kalnischkies. Thanks to them (for being there), to Vincent Untz (for the organization), to Novell/SUSE (for sponsoring part of Debian attendees' expenses), and to Debian donors (whose donations have been used to sponsor the rest).