Fellow geeks who have attended FOSDEM this year probably remember Eben Moglen's announcement about the creation of a foundation to support the development of FreedomBox-es.

The FreedomBox foundation and its goals have been featured in a New York Times article appeared yesterday, together with a nice Debian mention which points to our wiki. Debian is also prominently present on the (ikiwiki-powered) website of the foundation.

Yet another reason why I'm proud of being part of Debian.

(thanks to Faidon for the heads up)

  • update: this blog post by the FreedomBox foundation contains more "in the press" pointers (to both the foundation and Debian), including an article in the Wall Street Journal
  • update: the article on NYT website is indeed intermittently payware/accessible. For future reference, I've made available an HTML-only static version of the article here (may NYT forgive me).

The link asks me to login :-(

Nevertheless, that's great ;)

Comment by obergix Wed 16 Feb 2011 07:01:35 PM CET

I've no subscription to nytimes that I know of and I can access it even without any cookies and with any browser I've tried.
(Also, as far as I can guess, we're accessing it from the same country.)

Are you sure it's not a blocker on your side?

Comment by zack Wed 16 Feb 2011 07:10:15 PM CET
Dunno what happened... now I can see it :-/ Round robin weirdness, who knows...
Comment by obergix Wed 16 Feb 2011 09:41:31 PM CET