DebConf11 program, the FOSS way

I'm going to DebConf11 and, once more, I'm thrilled at idea of living for about 2 weeks immersed in a very very very, very Debian-ic life.

DebConf10, DebConf edition of last year, has been for me one of the most intense DebConfs ever, it would be hard to match it. But one of the nice things about DebConf, no matter the edition, is that it's very "open source" and do-ocratic in they way it is organized: everyone could contribute into making it even better than the previous edition.

For one thing, there is no "event organizer" company behind DebConf. Rather, most of the hard work that goes into making a DebConf possible is done by the DebConf team, a volunteer team formed by a mixture of Debian contributors, local team members, and DebConf enthusiasts. But while they take care of most of the work—and hence deserve the thanks of all DebConf attendees for that—they do not account for all that makes a DebConf a great DebConf. For instance, having a great program is up to DebConf participants and the event proposals they submit: talks, BoF, panel discussions, film projections, contests, you name it.

Today, in deadline frenzy mode (read on), I've submitted for review the following events for DebConf11:

  • bits from the DPL, the traditional "state of the union"-like address
  • Test Driven Development BoF, about DEP-8 and autopkgtest (co-authored with Tom Marble)
  • sprint and money BoF, to review one year of the Debian sprint program and further discuss how we use donations to the Debian project
  • Debian dErivatives eXchange BoF, about DEX and other initiatives to improve collaboration with Debian derivatives
  • DebConf in Debian BoF: one year later the "DebConf vs Debian" BoF, what's the state of integration of DebConf in Debian? (spoiler: good!) how can we improve it further? (co-authored with Gunnar Wolf, Holger Levsen, and Moray Allan)
  • DPL wannabe BoF: inspired by a discussion during this year DPL campaign, an attempt to explain what the "DPL job" is about and, who knows, collect "training" material for wannabe DPLs
  • rolling BoF: let's summarize the monster thread about Debian rolling for those we lost half-way through and present the advancements of more recent and consensual proposals (this event is actually not by me: I've just prodded some of the rolling proponents on IRC and Raphael Hertzog has kindly agreed to submit and organize the BoF)

That's it from me, how about you?
Are you going to DebConf and willing to attend a conference with a great program? Great, then start submitting a great event yourself! Anything you are working on in Debian or you are excited about qualifies. And don't worry if you've never attended DebConf either, video archives from past DebConfs can give you more than a feeling of typical DebConf events.

While the first deadline for events submission expires today, submissions will be open all the way to the end of the conference, but you should better hurry up as the early birds get the best scheduling slots (and missing the deadline, you'll miss the round of the review for the main program ... but you still have a few hours left :)).

Good luck and see you in Banja Luka.