During Debconf11, I've tried a couple of times to eat Cevapi, but for one reason or another I didn't manage to.

On my way from Banja Luka to Split, I've stopped my motorbike in the proverbial middle of nowhere for lunch (the fact it was raining cats & dogs helped in not having much of a choice). As a consequence, the waiter I ended up facing didn't speak a single word of any language I know. The only three words of Bosnian I managed to say were luckily the right ones: ćevapi, pivo, and voda. The only missing ingredient for a perfect DebConf in the Balkans — Ćevapi — has hence been acquired before leaving the country. Everything else was already there: intense hacking, truckload of emotions, tiny teeny bit of stress, feeling of family, and physical exhaustion. No sign of DebConf flu (yet).

In case you missed a specific event or the conference all together, hail the Videoteam for having already made available the videos on video.d.n. They can provide useful entertaining for the forthcoming weeks. For what is worth, I plan to spend the next two weeks elsewhere in the Balkans with very little Internet (as in: none at all). Talk to you later.

You should just have come with me, I had Ćevapi several times. And the “Hamburger”… I just missed Burek I only realise now. Oh well. Tried a number of local dishes, anyway. For example Vješalica are a bit different from the Croatian Restaurant at home (meet me on Friday-before-FrOSCon evening if interested) but also good. Only Đuveć rice I was unable to get. But loads of Ajvar… mmmmhm…

Comment by mirabilos Mon 01 Aug 2011 07:18:44 PM CEST