My mutt-notmuch hack seems to be a quite popular way to integrate Mutt with notmuch. As a nice consequence, my (indexed!) inbox attracts patches from mutt-notmuch users eager to improve it. Collecting some of them, I've just tagged mutt-notmuch 0.2 with the following changes:

  • readline support and query history
  • support for spaces in mailboxes (use case: gmail+offlineimap)
  • a new "tag" action
  • normalization of =names to support mutt macros that pass folder names
  • do not treat +opt as a valid cmdline option (to ease tagging)

Many thanks to Scott Barker, Christine Spang, David Newgas, and Ryan Kavanagh for the above patches.

While I was at it, I've also moved mutt-notmuch repository to Gitorious. Git self-hosting is nice, but either you move to something like gitolite (which I didn't have time to setup and tune ATM) or you're stuck without merge requests which are quite nice. (Why not Github? Because.)

If you're using mutt-notmuch you might also be interested in the discussion of libnotmuch support in mutt. I'd love to see that landing in mutt and be able to throw away mutt-notmuch entirely, but that seems a bit premature as of yet.