As we're doing trends today, I got curious about Debian. I don't particularly care about popularity contests other than popcon, and Debian choices surely aren't driven by them. But hey, curiosity is curiosity, right?

So, here are today's w3techs trends for websites using GNU/Linux, with all lines shown:

Debian: 30%; CentOS: 28,9%; Ubuntu: 18,4%; Red Hat: 12,2%; Fedora: 5%; SuSE: 3%; Gentoo: 1,2%

(As thou shall always read methodologies before stats, here is the technologies overview page.)

Debian is the top entrant with 30% of the websites using GNU/Linux. What I find interesting is that Debian has jumped at first place in January 2012, significantly after the release of our current stable release, Squeeze, that dates back to February 2011.

It is also interesting to see community distros (Debian and CentOS) starkly ahead of commercially backed distros. That is what I find most fascinating about our projects. Whether that will remain the case or not is, for me, one of the big questions of the decade for the self-determination of Free Software communities.