If you're organizing a DebConf12, and especially if you're new to it, please have a look at the DebConf BoF HOWTO.

One of its main take away messages is: don't be exclusive, think of the kittens.

Since last year, and to the might powers of DSA (and their kittens), we now have a more stable place for the gobby server: gobby.debian.org. I've just amended the howto to point to that, and updated the info about which gobby package to use (nowadays clarified, thanks to Phil).

Enjoy your BoF-s!

Hi, the event DebConf12 is archived here, have look http://eventifier.co/event/debconf12 Thank you.
Comment by Eventifier Sat 14 Jul 2012 10:55:05 PM CEST