Over the next few weeks I'll be on the road, attending a few Free Software events and giving talks. In particular:

  • during the upcoming week-end (18-19 January 2014) there will be a mini-DebConf in Paris. I'll be there to give a talk about Debsources (see schedule), participate in the Debian France plenary meeting, and meet Debian friends from all over Europe.

  • two weeks later (1-2 February 2014) I'll be at FOSDEM 2014 to give a retrospective talk about legal issues that Debian has faced over the past few years, participate in a panel about Free Software governance, … and meet Free Software friends from all over the world!

  • the day after FOSDEM end (3 February 2014) I'll be in Antwerp for the opening keynote of the SQM workshop to discuss some of my research work at IRILL and current challenges in the field

See you "there"?