Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant

I'm glad to announce that I've been awarded a 5,000 USD "Flash Grant" by the Shuttleworth Foundation.

Flash grants are an interesting funding model, which I've just learned about. You don't need to apply for them. Rather, you get nominated by current fellows, and then selected and approached by the foundation for funding. The grant amount is smaller than actual fellowships, but it comes with very few strings attached: furthering open knowledge (which is the foundation's core mission) and being transparent about how you use the money.

I'm lucky enough to already have a full-time job to pay my bills, and I do my Free Software activism mostly in my spare time. So I plan to use the money not to pay my bills, but rather to boost the parts of my Free Software activities that could benefit from some funding. I don't have a fully detailed budget yet but, tentatively: some money will go to fund Debsources development (by others), some into promoting my thoughts on the dark ages of Free Software, and maybe some into helping the upcoming release of Debian. I'll provide a public report at the end of the funding period (~6 months from now).

I'd like to thank the Shuttleworth Foundation for the grant and foundation's fellow Jonas Öberg for making this possible.

Hello, I've just watched your interesting conference "Debian in the Dark Ages of Free Software" and so I think these projects might interest you :

Yunohost An easy way to install and manage softwares (in particulary email and jabber) for selfhost servers. It's based on debian.

Salut à Toi A multi-frontends multi-purposes communication tool based on jabber/XMPP

Maybe you know already them, I'm wondering what you think about them.

Comment by Gastlag Sun 07 Dec 2014 09:03:49 PM CET

I was already aware of Yunohost, but not of Salut à Toi. I'll definitely look into it.

Thanks a lot for the heads up!

Comment by zack Sun 07 Dec 2014 10:10:53 PM CET