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Usage of debhelper (alone) and CDBS in Debian as helpers to build packages.

This page shows how many source packages declare a build dependency on debhelper and how many declare a dependency on CDBS. Note that the numbers by themselves are not to be compared as debhelper is (usually) there as a build dependency also when CDBS is there; what is interesting to monitor are the trends.

Packages build-depending on debhelper (>= 7) 867
Packages build-depending on CDBS 1856

NOTE starting from 21/12/2009, the meaning of the debhelper line has changed: before that date, the debhelper line used to mean "have a build-dep on debhelper" (which is pretty much all of the archive), now it means "have a build-dep on debhelper greater or equal than 7" (which is believed to be a closer approximation ot the packages using the new dh command.
As a consequence, the debhelper line has a peek down (from around 15'000 to around 5'000) close to the threshold date.

Q: can't you actually look at debian/rules to check whether dh is actually used?
A: no, because I currently do the stat only looking at Sources, I don't have the resource for unpacking daily all Debian source packages and look at their debian/rules; sorry about that.

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