draft forge announcement

draft forge public announcement

todo list to be completed before announcing the public availability of http://www.ocamlcore.org

  • having a working forge service, in turn this means:

    • test the creation of a project with all the corresponding services

      • vcs (svn at the very minimum) (2008/02/06 -> OK)
      • forge mailing list (2008/02/27 -> OK)
      • upload/download (2008/02/27 -> OK)
      • tracker (2008/02/06 -> OK)
      • avoid creating forum (newly created project should follow template project)
      • ...

Note: This have not been tested 'in-a-row'. Still needs to be checked against a fresh project..

  • do some clean up in mailing list/forge project (don't want to have a test-cvs-1 and bl abla project when we released)

    • removed blabla-2etez, blabla-commits, test-cvs-1-commits (using /var/lib/mailman/bin/rmlist -a)
    • removed test-cvs-1 and blabla from the forge
  • fix mailing list admin moderation... (doesn't work since SSL enablement)

  • have a specific theme (it could be simple, but we need one, inspired from INRIA/Caml one)

  • check that feature requests via the forge interface do work (done through the link below, a feature request for the forge itself)

  • move the gforge data under /srv

  • backup the postgresql database using pg_dump daily instead of relying on the backup of /var/lib/postgres/... (see incr_backup/full_backup, note that it doesn't dump "LARGE OBJECT", so i keep the backup of /var/lib/postgres/... for now)

  • write the terms of services for ocamlcore.org

  • install a planet (planet.ocamlcore.org)

  • get SSL certificat from cacert (S. Le Gall)

  • create at least hosting for darcs/git/hg(.ocamlcore.org) even if it is not integrated with the forge

  • Web redirections:

-> HTTPS only once logged into the forge (connection with SSL), no need to overload the server when doing non authenticated navigation

  • what else?

  • things that should be done on the long term (i.e. after the public annoucement) should be registered using forge tracker

  • Well done zack ! openid auth actually works !