kick-off meeting


  • where: 4, passage montgallet (digicode via mail) map
  • when: 17/02/2010, 20:00
  • what to bring: nothing in principle, if you can't resist some beverages and a gateau would be nice


(tentative, add your own ...)

  • which distribution? (Ubuntu server, Mandriva...) Debian!
  • finalizing & signing our internal "social contract"
  • better name
  • initial setup: who/when/what
  • IPs: how many? how much?
    • may a high number of shared services decrease the number of ip needed?
  • tech decisions:
    • virtualization technology (xen/kvm)
      • some not so recent I/O benchmarks showing KVM is good
    • core service on the real host: virt infra (details ...)
    • basic shared services (nfs? postfix? apache? imap? postgresql?)
  • questions to be posed to the tech service
    • which command as root you'd like to run (e.g. graceful shutdown)
  • which offer? ovh fr, ovh it, ikoula, ...

check the minutes !