SPAM: do you want my DebConf7 plane ticket?

This is (arguably) SPAM.

Yes: I've already bought a plane ticket for DebConf7.

But, unfortunately, yes: Gismo's proposal is terrific.

So, again, yes: I would like to go to Edinburgh by motorbike traveling as few as 2200 km on my ass just to meet you, bunch of geeks, at the next DebConf7.

Hence, to conclude this unsolicited blog post, here it comes the dangerous monetary proposal: are you traveling from Italy to DebConf7, Edinburgh airport? maybe from Milan Malpensa on June 14th 2006 (12:50), going back there on June 24th 2006 (14:45 from Edinburgh airport)? Then buy my plane ticket, it's cheap! Only 50€!!