PTS again: LowThresholdNMU and Debian Maintainers

As promised, the PTS is now able to show two new pieces of information about a given package:

  • the fact that its maintainer has listed herself in the LowThresholdNmu list, pointing to the wiki page for more information or specific rules. (See gtkmathview for an example.)

  • the fact that the package can be uploaded by Debian Maintainers, i.e. that the source package has a Dm-Upload-Allowed: yes field. (See debtorrent for an example.)

Both information are shown as unary "tags" (i.e. they can either exists or not, but they don't have any associated value) in a new field in the general information section of the page called "Maintenance info".

Now both tags are implemented as "acronym" HTML elements, but if you are good at graphics don't hesitate to contact me, that would be the right place for two fancy icons!