Catching up: some OCaml in Debian news

Hei, it looks like I stopped giving updates about OCaml news in Debian, time to catch up.

2 hot news basically:

  1. OCaml 3.10.2 transition is ongoing. Release managers did not forget about our old request of transitioning OCaml to 3.10.2 in time for Lenny, and as soon as the last Perl transition was other they pinged us about the transition. Together with Luk we are now working on it. After some initial issues on arm which was unable to run docbook2html on our poor little policy document without segfaulting(!), it now looks like is not going too bad ... get ready for OCaml 3.10.2 in Debian Lenny!

  2. the "core" OCaml library by Jane St Capital (which I consider a really good replacement for the legacy standard library FWIW) has entered testing a few days ago. It will be released with Debian Lenny, no matter if with 3.10.1 or 3.10.2

Stay tuned!