You remember the bug sprint, don't you? I've already argued how nice the idea was, being a stereotypical example of how in Debian efficiency and fun can (and often must) go together.

Well, Joss' cookies have been delivered to my office last Wednesday, unfortunately I wasn't there!!!, due to my participation first in the Debian QA Meeting in Extremadura, and then another academic workshop in Amsterdam. Sadly, I had to "delegate" the task of cookie tasting to other fellow Debian-ers which happen to work with me.

Today I've finally got back to my office, and to much of my surprise, 5 cookies were still there waiting for me. In spite of the bad previsions about their health status after a week, they were delicious: simple biscuits, not too sweet, with walnut in pieces, and dark chocolate.

So long Joss, and thanks for all the fish cookies.