DPL campaign woes

DPL campaigning is going to end today, and the draft ballot has apparead already. The latest bits of news I've to offer are that my rebuttals have been published a couple of days ago (also in the platform from www.d.o, of course, which is just lacking a direct anchor).

Also, I've summarized campaigning discussions at my candidacy page. You can find there pointers to all topics raised on -vote, as direct or indirect questions to the candidates. Please let me know if I forgot something.

All in all I was expecting more discussions between the candidates for a campaign, but I presume the volume is meant to remain low having just two candidates. That notwithstanding, some very inspiring and unexpected questions have been posed; it has been intriguing to think about them.

As a campaign-concluding fun bit, I cannot resist posting a screenshot of my candidacy post, as it appeared to me about 10 minutes ago:

zack for DPL post screenshot

... I mean, having fellow DDs making fun of me for this DPL thingy on IRC is fine, but ads stepping in is kind of too much ... :-)