TurboGears 2 packaging - ((yet) another) status update

Yet another status update on my TG2 packaging efforts (delayed, since I'm in semi-VAC until June 21th):

  • PEAK-Rules: ITP-ed and uploaded to experimental/NEW
    (BTW: if you like extreme generic programming, i.e. without multiple dispatch you don't even start a conversation on the subject, you should definitely check this stuff out!)

  • various peak.utils (deps of PEAK-rules), ITP-ed as a whole under the name python-peak.util and uploaded to experimental/NEW; namely:

    • Addons: a kind of mixins, but with private namespaces
    • BytecodeAssembler: generation of Python code objects, via bytecode assembling
    • Extremes: silly stuff, basically +/- infinity values, from PEP 326
    • SymbolType: decent enumeration-like type, finally

Update on my ex-virgin /usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/:


\o/ , with zope.sqlalchemy being package by the Zope people (unreliable ping guys: I need it!) , and prioritized_methods de facto being the only remaining showstopper to un-FUBAR TurboJson. The rest is optional stuff, TG2 can work without.

My main doubt about prioritized_methods is that it is, as usual, a very small package (not even 10Kb of a single .py module). I've still to make up my mind about whether it deserves a package of its own, or rather should be shipped together with python-peak.rules as a contrib (with the drawback of no longer being separately update-able and loosing a version of its own). Leave a comment if you have suggestions.

PS as usual everything is available from my personal repo as well, testing is welcome