finally! (but not quite so)

Coming back from DebConf9 has possibly been as fun as going there. I'm leaving for my vacations in a few days and I'm (desperately?) fighting with my TODO list to finish up stuff before leaving.

Given that the freeze for the next Debian release is likely to be earlier than expected, I've hurried up a bit with TurboGears 2.

Initially, I intended to upload all the involved packages to unstable as soon as all of them will be out of NEW, but I finally changed my mind to avoid loosing important testing time from users.

Hence, a couple of days ago, I've uploaded most of TG2 packages to unstable. From there you can directly type apt-get install python-tg.devtools to start developing your TG2 app. Please test and give feedback (via bugreports, as usual).

The missing pieces, waiting in NEW and available from my own repo, are:

  • sprox, catwalk, and tgext.admin: the lack of these 3 essentially means that you cannot enjoy the fancy web-based administrative interface of your TG2 apps

  • turbogears2-doc: this is essentially an offline (and doc-base registered) version of the online docs of TG2, nice to have but you can live without for a while