RCBW - #18

... and RCBW is back! Here is this week squashes:

Most of the actually fixed missing include bugs above have benefited from patches by Martin Michlmayr, thanks!

Also, this week squashing has benefited from a huge list of bugs which Luk has given me, some of the not-yet-fixed bugs there are a bit trickier than usual (e.g. missing #include bugs which got intertwined over time with const char * conversions bugs, which in turn require some far reaching code changes due to the propagation of function prototypes in unexpected code parts).

Since I'll be leaving tomorrow morning for the BSP in Mönchengladbach, I'll have a bit of time there to dive a bit more into the issues.

Actually, what I fear most now is buying train tickets from Cologne to Moenchengladbach and back, since I'm totally unable to pronounce the name of the latter city (my German sucks, actually there is no such "my German" at all). Luckily, I've been told they've wonderful ticket-selling machines in Cologne :-)

See you there, and happy RC squashing!