RCBW - #24

Some pause, and here we go with another RCBW issue. The pause has involved various Debian-related work, such as preparing OCaml batteries included for Squeeze and of course preparing my DPL platform.

Without any further ado, here are this week's squashes:

  • Debian bug #566568 - mysqmail - fix piuparts install failure (sponsor upload for Thomas Goirand)
  • Debian bug #569455 - ocaml-batteries - new upstream release, which also fix old FTBFS
  • Debian bug #529040 - magit - add missing deps (mixed NMU / sponsoring for Marius Vollmer)
  • Debian bug #549590 - magit - avoid installing install.info (mixed NMU / sponsoring for Marius Vollmer)
  • Debian bug #567003 - firestarter - lower severity+unreproducible, user should use gksu or equivalent
  • Debian bug #571454 - gmerlin - fix missing-dep FTBFS on kfreebsd, patch by Christian Marillat
  • Debian bug #562039 - ecasound - fix Emacs deps in the -el package

Random points:

  • thanks to Thosrten which replied to my call for help and squashed Debian bug #559822. BTW, there's one more RC in that bug set: Debian bug #559808 (hint hint!), but you need patience as gnash took ages to build ...

  • tip of the week: removing a DELAYED upload when you don't have the .changes around anymore can be daunting (in fact, all combinations of dcut commands I've tried failed). If that happens to you, remember that http://ftp-master.debian.org/deferred/ can come to the rescue: it stores .changes file of DELAYED uploads (properly unsigned)

  • a lot of new participants: let's welcome on the RCBW board Emilio, Marco, and Rafael