let's face it

After having tamed for a day and a half my INBOX, my IRC log, and my @replies, of an unexpected message flow about the election results, after having being pinged by the -press team to contribute a quote for a very nice and professional press release, after having fired mutt -s "Bits from the (newbie) DPL" debian-devel-announce@lists.debian.org, ... it's time to realize that I've been elected DPL.

I still have a bunch of mixed feelings (happiness, fear, responsibility, etc.) to disentangle, but above all I'm really proud of our processes (well I don't mind the result either!). I'm grateful to the other candidates and to all the people that took part in campaigning discussions. As I've observed already, campaigning has been exciting for me. It wouldn't have been so without the courage of all candidates and the inquiries of all contributors. No wonder we have had both the highest percentage of voters of recent years (yes, WAT runs of course helped that), and an absolute number of voters close to that of past "heated" elections.

In days in which most of the big players in the distro market are companies (and hence take money-driven decision), I can't be more proud to be a member of a huge volunteer project whose processes are driven by a truly do-ocratic and democratic constitution.

See you in a bit.

PS 1 in case you wondered, yes, I've fired mutt, but I'm far from having written something in the body of the mail! In the next few hours I'll first distill a personal TODO-list / detailed-plan out of my platform and of the inputs that I've already received. Then I'll finalize my first ever DPL bits to d-d-a.

PS 2 In the meantime ... I'll surely be looking for a new "maintainer" for RCBW, any taker? :-)

PS 3 shameless plug! The mythical Debian Kilt is being weaved again, and you still have your chance of getting one in time for DebConf10. If you're interested, check out this post by Phil Hands and sign up on the wiki, I'm definitely getting one!