Below you can find a list of the software projects I've been involved with (sometimes as the main author, sometimes as a contributor, ...).

active software projects

dormant software projects

fire-and-forget hacks

  • integration of Mutt with Notmuch, for blazing fast mail indexing, query, and thread reconstruction [blog post, git ]
  • tickler file implementation for maildirs, to "snooze" your INBOX and have messages reappear days later [blog post, git ]
  • integration of Mutt with Org-mode, to implement your GTD work flow [blog post, git ]
  • pam-hooks - PAM module that support execution of login/logout hooks [homepage]
  • flickr download - batch downloader for flickr photos [1st blog post]
  • ls2rss - RSS feed out of a directory listing [1st blog post]

... these and others hacks of mine are described in the "hacks" section of my blog

obsolete software projects and hacks

  • GNOME Awesome applet - monitor and control the Awesome window manager from the GNOME panel with a handy applet
    (GNOME 2.x only)
  • CamlP4 Hashtbl syntax extensions [.ml]
    (for 2003 OCaml, will not compile with camlp4 >= 3.10)
  • Vim GnuPG support - transparent encryption/decryption of GnuPG-encoded files within Vim [.vim]
    (this gnupg script on is way better)
  • VimCU - comment/uncomment lines of code in whatever language [homepage]
    (there are better alternatives now, such as The NERD Commenter)
  • talKZ - talk implementation with SSL support, written in Python [.tar.gz, doc (gzipped PostScript, Italian only)]
    (student project)
  • ziff - an offline biff replacement [.pl]