PTS: face lifting (i.e. tell me what PTS layout you like)

My personal PTS small marathon is almost over. The latest addition is a shiny new look and feel. The rationale for that is partly aesthetic (the proposed new colors are mimicking and should be more debianish, thanks H01ger for the suggestion!) but mostly functional (the current layout is too "large" and too few information fits on a single average physical screen).

So, here are some screenshots you can actually see:

  1. current version . You can see this layout in action on whatever package in the PTS;

  2. tighter layout (smaller fonts, less padding, wiki.d.o-like colors). You can see this layout in action on whatever package in the PTS since the CSS is listed as alternate: just access a page and (assuming you're using firefox) do "View > Page Style > Compact rendering";

  3. tighter and reorganized layout (as for the point above + 3 columns layout, thanks MadCoder for the latter!). Unfortunately you can't try this out by yourself, as it isn't yet committed ... trust the screenshot then :-)

So, question type, what do you like more of the above 3? I'm all for the latter (tighter and 3 columns) and plan to commit it RSN. If you have other preferences please mail me them; also suggestions for improvement are, of course, welcome.