PTS face lift(ed!)

Ok, by now you've probably all already noticed, but I've finally committed the changes to the PTS package pages which implement a new layout and CSS. Thanks to Dan Callahan, Enrico Tassi and madcoder for their help with the CSS and to all who gave feedback (sorry, if it wasn't possible to satisfy all look and feel requests at the same time).

There are still some minor, freshly introduced, glitches to fix (see for example 457168 and 457169), but I'm kinda tired to play with CSS and I'll give up for a while. But patches are always welcome!, I'll do my best to apply them timely.

While I was at it, I've also fixed some other minor nuisances, such as the svnbuildstat link which is now shown only if the package is actually indexed by svnbuildstat. Thanks to Gonéri for having made available the info.

PS totally unrelated, but thanks to Lucas now the homepage and vcs stats page sport wonderful graphs!

Update: changed URLs to point to the new stat page locations