TurboGears 2 packaging - it works! w/o auth

Status update on my TG2 packaging efforts:

  • I've formally adopted turbogears2 and turbojson. The versions I uploaded in experimental a couple of days ago fix all outstanding RC bugs, but are still uninstallable due to dependencies waiting for NEW (that's why I haven't uploaded them in unstable, FWIW).

  • I've made up my mind about prioritized_methods and shipped it as a contrib of PEAK-Rules, starting from version 0.5a1+r2582.1-1 (in NEW): it was just too tiny to deserve a package of its own. The main drawback is visible from its version number: to update prioritized_methods, the tarball needs to be repacked, bumping "upstream version".

  • Good news also from the Zope team: transaction and zope.sqlalchemy have been packaged (waiting in NEW).

With all that, yesterday for the first time, I was able to quickstart a project and run it using only Debian-packaged stuff. With a detail however: no auth support (yet), because that part actually needs Catwalk (and its deps) to implement the nifty admin interface. It looks like that that is the only remaining obstacle, and I'm working on it.

Update on my /usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/:


PS as usual everything is available from my personal repo, testing and help are welcome