TurboGears 2 packaging - now all is available (in experimental/NEW)

Still very busy days, I'll end up traveling wednesday, probably. But good news in the mean time: some days ago I've completed the packaging of all needed pieces which are now in experimental/NEW. More detailed news:

  • ToscaWidgets has seen a new upstream release, now packaged
  • tw.forms has been packaged as a ToscaWidgets contrib
  • python-catwalk: has been first ITP-ed + and then uploaded to experimental/NEW
  • sprox: idem, ITP + upload to experimental/NEW

Now all the pieces are there. Unfortunately, my repository is not still usable out of the box, since a couple of packages from the Zope team are in NEW (zope.sqlalchemy and transaction) and I've hit some bug of van.pydeb while trying to rebuild them.

Stay tuned, we're converging ...