(working) TurboGears 2 now entirely available in experimental/NEW

In short: TurboGears 2 is now completely packaged, works, and will be landing in experimental soon.

In the meantime, while NEW gets processed, you can have it from:

    deb http://people.debian.org/~zack/debian zack-unstable/
    deb-src http://people.debian.org/~zack/debian zack-unstable/

with a simple:

    $ apt-get install python-turbogears2

(but you should really install recommended packages to have the usual, comfortable, TG2 development environment).

Now, for a more detailed status update since the last one ...:

  • the missing pieces packaged by the Zope team (transaction, zope.sqlalchemy, and their deps), which are also in NEW, have been uploaded to my repo above, which is now meant to be self-contained wrt unstable

    FWIW, the problem I reported last week about van.pydeb is actually a toolchain issue, reproducible only with svn-buildpackage, I've forwarded all debugging info to kobold which is working on it ...

  • I've hit a nice corner case of pysupport, and in particular of update-python-modules. Various packages needed by TG2 ship genshi (& co) templates in dirs which contain no .py files (except __init__.py) and that get mapped into the Python module space. In that condition, pysupport infers that the init files are useless and removes them. At runtime then, all attempts to import that (sub-)modules inexorably fail. That used to make unusable Catwalk and other web-based administrative interfaces which are shipped as TG2 goodies.

    The solution is to patch the related __init__.py so that they are non-empty, for instance filling them with a comment. See #535611 for more info.

    As a consequence, I had to upload new versions of ToscaWidgets, Catwalk, tgext.admin, and sprox.

  • Ubuntu people are apparently already catching up with TG2, and helped in fixing a test suite issue in repoze.who-plugins, which apparently only gets triggered with Python 2.6

At this point, testing is really needed and appreciated, since as soon as NEW gets flushed I intend to push all guys above to unstable.

Enjoy TG2!

Update thanks to a lot of feedback from Federico Ceratto, I've fixed various glitches:

  • zope.interface is now available both for amd64 and i386 (ping me for more archs)
  • tg.devtools now depends on pybabel and zope.sqlalchemy which slipped through in past uploads
  • repoze.what has now been uploaded to my repo, so that experimental is not needed to test drive TG2; unstable is enough